Factory Spotlight: Laguna Clothing

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Discover the factory partners behind one of our bestselling designs who are making a sartorial – and global – difference.

At T.M.Lewin, we pride ourselves on sharing innovative designs and quality craftsmanship with our customers. It’s integral that the values of our partner factories follow suit. These are the threads that have tied us to what has become a meaningful relationship with Laguna Clothing Company, the makers behind our bestselling non-iron shirt.

Yarn manufacturing process
Non-Iron White Twill Slim Fit Classic Collar Single Cuff Shirt Yarn manufacturing process

Embracing a level of quality that extends beyond the fabrics and the art of garment-making, Laguna is perhaps best summarised by their ethos: ‘Do the right thing’. Part of Ciel Textile, one of the leading and innovative garment manufacturers in the world, the company is on a mission to create lasting positive impacts on the world through a series of initiatives. “Our strategy is based on three pillars: people, planet and profitability,” explains Nilesh Buckotowar, Head of Sustainability at Ciel Textile.

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Transforming the creation process with Mother Nature in mind, 50% of Laguna’s progressive factories are equipped with rainwater harvesting systems in a bid to be completely water-responsible by 2025. Minimising their fashion footprint, each creative team is assisted by a bespoke Eco Index tool to help evaluate the impact of a design, from manufacturing to packaging. With more than 80 per cent of waste diverted from landfill and an annual reforestation program, the company is already planting the seeds for a greener future.

Threads of yarn
Schools in Madagascar

But they haven’t stopped there. Tailoring their approach to align with the community in which the factory is based, Laguna is looking to make good the gap in unequal pay by achieving pay parity between male and female employees by 2025. This coincides with their initiatives to place more women in leadership roles across Ciel Textile.

Beyond the factory, one of Laguna’s main initiatives is to build schools in Madagascar; granting children from rural communities access to a good education. They are currently in phase one of constructing their first school just 5km away from the factory, and we’re so proud to work with a company who are striving to positively impact the world – not just on a wider scale, but also within their community.

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