An Unbreakable Bond

As Father’s Day approaches, we spoke to Tom Laidlaw and his son Arthur about making music together, sharing socks (sort of) and embarrassing dads.

What do you do for work?

Arthur: I work as an art director for music videos and fashion film.

Tom: I work in digital media, content and technology.

What is the best piece of advice you have given each other or the biggest lesson you have learned from each other?

A: To be patient and focused on the things and you care about/mean something to you. Communication.

T: I’d say the same thing, funnily enough. Arthur has taught me that what’s important to me are the things I need to prioritise and make time for, to be happy and fulfilled. And, bringing up a wonderful young person also teaches you lots about yourself, the good and the bad!

"Bringing up a wonderful young person also teaches you lots about yourself"

What song do you associate with each other?

A: Take It Easy (Eagles); You’ll Never Walk Alone; Rinsed (Dean Blunt)

T: Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin); the second side of Abbey Road (The Beatles); Rinsed (Dean Blunt).

Does your dad/son ever embarrass you?

A: He tries his best on a regular basis. Still yet to succeed… maybe his choice of footwear.

T: He’s taller than me, he’s cooler than I ever was, he’s written proper songs and I can’t do that. This is all very embarrassing, and I could go on. Maybe his cowboy boots though…

Arthur, is there anything in your dad’s wardrobe that you hope to inherit one day?

A: His suits, knitwear and colourful socks.

Tom, what advice would you give to any dads out there?

T: Take your time to enjoy every day. It feels at the time that childhood will last forever and there’s always “something happening next”, but it doesn’t and the now is more important than tomorrow.

Arthur’s wearing: Navy & Burgundy Block Check Shirt

TOM’s wearing: Navy Blue Twill Casual Shirt

How would you describe each other’s style?

A: Steve Jobs meets Shoreditch art curator.

T: Eclectic sometimes accidental tastemaker, with a fondness for mashing up retro and fun stuff that’s new.

What personality traits do you both share?

A: Good with people. Bad with money. Emotional.

T: I’d go with these traits! Maybe we both find some harder stuff easy and some easy stuff hard.

Describe each other in three words:

A: Sincere, thoughtful, encouraging.

T: Sensitive, engaging, ambitious.

What is your favourite way to spend time together?

A: Watching football, listening to music, making music together.

T: I love all of that and it’s so rewarding to have things we share, but, really, I’d always just enjoy hanging out and sharing moments of life together, whatever that brings.

Can you share a favourite memory of your time together?

A: Driving through Joshua Tree as the sun sets listening to Pink Floyd.

T: Wow, a lot. It’s probably cheating to say our first cuddle at birth, so I’ll pass over the miracle of life and all that. Possibly, being with him playing his guitar; live on stage is amazing, but also on the sofa, playing with me, listening to what he’s just written that he wants to share.

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