The Suit Fit Guide

A great suit should feel like it was made just for you. Here's your one-stop guide to finding the perfect T.M.Lewin fit.

The Regular

Our loosest, most comfortable fit that won't have you compromising on a structured silhouette. Ideal for broader builds.

Wider cut to the chest and arms for optimal movement

Slightly more spacious around the seat and thigh for comfort

A straight-cut, balanced silhouette

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The Slim

Our bestselling fit for a reason. Ideal for those who like a close, yet flexible cut.

Close, yet non-restrictive cut to the chest and arms

Slightly tighter fit from the seat through to the thigh of the trouser

Subtle taper at the waist

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The Skinny

Our closet suit cut available, with a sharply structured aesthetic. Ideal for average to athletic builds.

A closer cut to the chest, shoulders, and sleeves

Streamlined fit through the leg

A noticeable taper at the waist for a more tailored appearance

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Finishing touches

Suit trouser hemming

All of our suit trousers come unhemmed so that you can have them tailored to your perfect fit.

Suit jacket stitching

We've stitched the back vents to keep the material smooth during transit, so remember to carefully unpick them before wear.


Avoid overfilling or unpicking the stitching on our jacket pockets, as this can disrupt the shape and structure of the jacket.

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