About Us

The 1890s was a period of change. As the century drew to a close, the world began to move away from the stiff, moralistic, Victorian Era. Urban centres were growing and new technologies such as the introduction of electricity into clothing production, created a boom in the ready-to-wear market.

Cue the birth of T.M.Lewin in 1898 when Thomas Mayes Lewin in partnership with Geoffrey James Lewin, opened the first T.M.Lewin store in Panton Street, London. Shortly afterwards the partnership moved and T.M.Lewin established themselves in Jermyn Street, the home of English shirt making, in 1903.

  • The original T.M.Lewin shop front from 1898
  • An old T.M.Lewin catalogue

In the early 1900’s, Thomas Mayes developed a reputation for design and quality among London’s gentlemen, and with it came the start of the first ever button up shirt. Regarded as one of the pioneers of the then known ‘coat shirt,’ a shirt that a gentleman could put on without having to redo their hair, it was referenced in London Opinion and Today as a ‘Novel’ idea.

With this, Thomas Mayes Lewin created a product so iconic that 120 years later it continues to sit firmly and proudly in the wardrobe of every gentleman across the planet.

During World War I, T.M.Lewin supplied the RAF and the British Army with uniform to support the countries war effort in Europe. The business continued to grow from strength to strength after the war before Thomas Mayes Lewin retired in 1938. The business continued with the Lewin family, trading under the trading name of T.M.Lewin & Sons Ltd and has continuously traded to date.

In 1983 a partnership with John Francomb manufacturing in Leigh-on-Sea was established, bringing with it our Prince of Wales collar shape that still remains within the brand today. The partnership remained until 1987 when T.M.Lewin established its own manufacturing facility in Southend, with John Francomb joining as T.M.Lewin’s creative director.

T.M.Lewin continued to grow and soon the volume requirements couldn’t be accommodated by the manufacturing facility in Southend. This led the brand to start its mission to source the best global fabrics and compliment that with British design and style.

With quality always at the forefront of decisions, partnerships were established with some of the best fabric mills globally. T.M.Lewin sources the best cottons and wools from around the world to ensure each garment delivers on comfort for all-day use. These include sourcing from the small and famed town Biella, Italy for some of the world’s best wool from a handful of their prestigious mills such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis and Reda.

T.M.Lewin has evolved and grown over time, with over 70 million shirts sold in our 120-year history. Throughout the years we have refined and developed our shirts and clothing to the highest quality, working directly with the garments and being alive to the importance of noting every little detail to ensure that each is crafted so that you get a product that fits you.

Our passion and relentless focus on craftsmanship, timeless style, quality, service and value has not faltered, and it remains the core driving force behind the brand today.