Men's Collar Guide

A man posing in a White Shirt

From casual meet-ups to black-tie moments, the collar makes all the difference to your look. Here’s our one-stop guide on finding the perfect collar for every occasion.

A white classic collar shirt


  • The most popular choice for everyday styling
  • Wide spread, downward angled points
  • Designed to be worn with a Windsor knot
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A Blue Semi-Cutaway Collar Shirt


  • A blend of the cutaway and classic collars
  • The quintessential 9-5 choice
  • Perfect for showcasing wider tie knots
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Prior to washing, make sure you remove the collar stiffeners to prevent damage to your washing machine.

A Pink Cutaway Collar Shirt


  • An obvious choice for smart styling
  • Extra-wide spread, near horizontal points
  • Perfect for bow-ties and Windsor knots
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A Blue Button-Down Collar Shirt

Button Down

  • A casual choice with a preppy edge
  • Points are conveniently anchored in place
  • Can be worn alone or unbuttoned over a t-shirt
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A White Wing Collar Shirt


  • A classic companion for tuxedos
  • Points extend upwards and outwards
  • Perfectly frames a bow-tie
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