The Suit Fit Guide

Nothing makes you feel more confident in a suit than one that's impeccably tailored for you. To help you find the perfect fit for your height and build, we offer three styles to help you choose the sharpest one just for you.

Slim Fit

The best-selling suit fit, the slim lines makes it a modern must-have.

  • A close fit in the chest and arms without feeling restrictive.
  • The trousers are slim through the seat and thigh for a streamlined look.
  • A tailored design across the cross and waist creates a sleek silhouette.

Regular Fit

The definitive tailor's silhouette for a classic, comfortable fit.

  • Regular fit jackets offer a wide chest & arms for added movement.
  • Trousers are generous in the seat & thigh to give you a comfortable fit.
  • A straight-cut waist complements the wider chest for a balanced look.

Skinny Fit

Our most fitted style, it's sleek and narrow cut creates a fashionable impact.

  • Cut close to chest, shoulders and around the sleeves for a lean look.
  • The trousers are streamlined through the entire leg.
  • A tailored waist lends an overall skinny appearance.

You've found your perfect fit, now find your perfect size and walk tall in a suit that feels nothing short of tailor-made.