A T.M.Lewin Wedding Party

When life hands us the opportunity to dress a party of groomsmen, we do so emphatically. That’s exactly what happened when James, our Managing Director, was asked to be his friend Steven’s best man. Join us as we take this group on a sartorial journey, surrounded by the luxurious ambiance of the Mondrian Shoreditch suite we set-up shop in, to prove that T.M.Lewin has something to suit every groomsman's unique style.

James, The (Best) Best Man:

Step aside, James is here to demonstrate the true art of best man-ship. Whether he’s making a spreadsheet detailed with the groomsman's suit measurements or planning an unforgettable stag do like it’s a competition (the details of which we’ll keep to ourselves), James takes the title of the Number 1 Best Man with ease - and even though he keeps reminding us about it, we can’t help but cheer him on.

For this wedding, he opted for our lightweight, single-breasted navy linen suit and a slim fit max performance white shirt for unrivalled comfort and impeccable style. A winning look.

James, The (Best) Best Man
Daniel, The Co-Best Man
Steven, The Groom

Daniel, The Co-Best Man:

Some may call him notoriously hard to please, but Daniel just has an ultra-refined taste in the finer styles in life. So we rose to the challenge by styling him in our regular fit max performance shirt with a slim fit navy linen suit – and he relished the unrestrictive feel and impeccably structured look. On top of that, he surprised us with his enthusiasm for colour-coordinated socks. We take our hats off to you, Daniel.

Steven, The Groom:

It's the groom's big day, and Steven (a.k.a. Gal) is on a mission to stand out from the crowd. His suit of choice? A double-breasted jacket that screams confidence and demands attention. To complete the look, Steven opted for our fitted white twill shirt with a double cuffed sleeve, giving him the perfect canvas to showcase his personality through a pair of cufflinks. A spotlight-worthy look, if we do say so ourselves.

Greg, The Smooth Extrovert:

Greg has an aura of effortless coolness about him, so obviously we had to style him in our effortlessly cool linen suit. Embracing simplicity with a touch of suave, Greg opted for a non-iron fitted white twill shirt with a single cuff, valuing the ease and nonchalant charm of a button over the fuss of cufflinks. Embodying laidback sophistication, Greg is a living testament to the fact that understated is the new black.

Andy, Mr. Cool, Calm, & Collected:

Every wedding party has its quiet hero, and in this case it's Andy. He confidently stands at 6’2, so we deftly sized up the slim-fit jacket to give him a sleek, frame-flattering finish.

We finished off his look with a fitted max performance shirt – the perfect choice for those who want a clean look and a flexible feel for ease of movement (a great choice for dancing the night away, might we add).

Greg, The Smooth Extrovert
Andy, Mr. Cool, Calm, & Collected
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