The Merino Knit

A man wearing a denim roll neck jumper

The secret to a sumptuously soft knit? Merino wool. Rivalling cashmere, Merino had its big fashion break following World War I when Coco Chanel crafted a dress from fine wool jersey. Now, the lightweight material is a regular feature for the well-dressed, from luxurious suits to sophisticated roll necks.

But a secret it was. For 400 years, Spain dominated the fine-wool industry, with Merino sheep first arriving in the country via a North African tribe. Their wool’s unparalleled softness was prized by European aristocrats, and the Merino sheep became a common gift from the Spanish King to European monarchs.

A merino roll neck jumper in nuetral

Its popularity among the fashionable and the debonair comes down to its adaptability. Naturally high-performing, Merino wool regulates your body temperature without compromising on breathability, making it the perfect trans-seasonal choice, no matter the weather. Conveniently, it’s also stain-resistant and can be thrown in the washing machine at a moment’s notice to keep you looking good with ease.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Merino wool is a staple in our knitwear collection; taking the form of understated crew neck jumpers and sophisticated quarter-zip jumpers. In universal neutral tones and sleek silhouettes, these are the pieces you’ll need for a transitional wardrobe that ticks all of the boxes.

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Merino Half-Zip Jumper - Charcoal

Merino Quarter-Zip Jumper - Charcoal

Merino Roll Neck Jumper - Black

Merino Roll Neck Jumper - Black

Merino V-Neck Jumper - Navy

Merino V-Neck Jumper - Navy

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