Ways of Working: The White Shirt

A man posing in his workwear outfit

Take your best sartorial step into the corporate world with the one staple every man needs: a classic white shirt.

September has come and nearly gone, which means two things: the holiday season is officially over, and we’ve made a swift return to our routines. Whether you’re new to the corporate scene or a seasoned professional, we’ll be taking you through how to work wonders with your professional wardrobe. The secret weapon? A crisp, timeless white shirt à la T.M.Lewin.

The First Impression

Preparing for a job interview, if it’s for your first or fifth role, can be daunting. While your wardrobe might seem secondary in the grand scheme of pre-interview preparation, looking good is key to feeling confident, and, in turn, confidence is key to setting a stellar first impression. A white twill shirt is versatile enough to dress for any professional atmosphere. When it comes to suiting up, take a moment to consider the colour. A black suit might make them think you’ve just legged it out of a wedding, so opt for sleek navy or grey hues instead. We’d wish you luck, but we’re sure you won’t need it.

A man wearing a White Shirt A man posing in his workwear outfit

Season to season

The secret to keeping your white shirts crisp year-round boils down to one thing: the weave. Poplin cotton is renowned for being lightweight, making it an essential choice for your warmer-month shirt rotation. Pair a light blue-white check shirt (everybody loves a pop of pattern) with a light linen trouser in a stone grey hue for an effortlessly polished look that’ll keep you cool from morning to evening. For the colder months, choose a heavier twill-woven white shirt under a soft Merino sweater with wool suit trousers. No matter the forecast, whether we’re dealing with sub-zero breezes or a blazing heatwave, the white shirt is great for any season.

A man wearing light blue shirt paired with a light grey trouser

Leading the boardroom

It’s your moment to shine, so while you’re busy doing those last-minute slide tweaks, we’ve got you covered on finessing the sartorial side of your presentation. Our Max Performance range is a foolproof choice for those professional milestone moments, designed with innovative cooling technology and a crease-resistant finish (plus a hint of stretch for ease of movement—what more could you ask for?). Our Max Performance white twill shirt, with a cutaway collar and double cuffs to leave room for a wide Windsor knot and statement cufflinks, is an obvious choice for commanding the room, even more so when styled with our Infinity Active navy suit (a sleek design that also incorporates a hint of stretch for next-level comfort).

A man wearing the Max Performance White Twill Shirt A picture of a White Double Cuff Shirt with statement cufflinks

Dressing down, in top form

Let’s say you’re heading into the office on a Friday and want to tone the tailoring down a bit. This is the moment to let your white Oxford shirt shine; it still looks relatively smart, but the finish isn’t as lustrous as your typical formal shirt. Leave the top buttons undone, choose a comfortable pair of chinos with a clean pair of trainers to accompany the white shirt, and you’ll be good to go. Or, if that’s not casual enough for you, layer your Oxford over a t-shirt. These looks still have an elevated edge, sending the message that you mean business without taking yourself too seriously.

A man wearing Oxford Shirt as a layering on a White t-shirt

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