A T.M.Lewin Guide: Summer Styling

A T.M.Lewin Guide: Summer Styling

Goodbye, sub-zero temperatures. See you later, umbrella-breaking windy rain. Summer is officially here, and with it comes a vibrant calendar of prestigious sport events. From the celebrity-spotted courtsides at Wimbledon to the fascinator-adorned crowds at Ascot, it’s not just the thrill of the action that we excitedly wait all year round for; there’s also the chance to showcase your summer style under clear, sunlit skies. What’s not to love about that? And if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve just found it.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know ahead of the most anticipated social gatherings this summer.

A man wearing T.M.Lewin Ecru Linen SuitA man wearing T.M.Lewin Ecru Linen Suit

Wimbledon(e Right).

There’s a reason why A-listers fill the front rows like it’s Paris Fashion Week: Wimbledon is as legendary for its fashion as it is for its tennis. Beyond the captivating action on the centre court lies a delightful opportunity to make a stylistic grand slam of your own. So, if you’re lucky to have snagged a seat, opt for a crisp T.M.Lewin white shirt with an ecru linen suit: the epitome of summer savoir-faire. Finish the look with a navy pocket square, polished brown loafers (sans socks or not, now’s not the time for that debate) and a Panama hat to avoid harsh sun rays. Game, set, and you’ve found your perfect match.

Piccadilly Linen Slim Ecru Suit Jacket

Blue Linen Casual Shirt

Piccadilly Linen Slim Ecru Suit Trouser

Regatta? We've Gotcha.

Ditch the anchor and set sail for aesthetic success at this year's Henley Regatta. Our recipe is as follows: a crisp T.M. Lewin blue oxford –  we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: every man should have one of these in his wardrobe. Pair this sought-after staple with beige chinos and our navy-striped seersucker blazer for an effortlessly sophisticated look that’ll lead you from the riverside stands to the Pimms tent impressively, and seamlessly. Finish it all off with classic boat shoes and a straw boater hat for a nautical-inspired look that's both comfortable and undeniably sharp. Henley, here you come.

Slim Fit Navy Blue Chinos

Rhodes Navy Striped Seersucker Blazer

White Organic Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt

Piccadilly Linen Slim Denim Suit JacketPiccadilly Linen Slim Denim Suit Jacket

Ascot Hotshots.

Ascot's allure lies in its understated elegance, a quiet confidence that speaks volumes without needing to shout. The cornerstone of any successful Ascot look?  It’s all about the right tailoring, and our denim-toned Williams suit offers a contemporary twist on tradition that seamlessly transcends fleeting trends. Pair this hero piece with a crisp blue poplin shirt (a lightweight choice for those balmy summer afternoons). Then, let your personality shine through with a textured navy tie and a matching pocket square, creating a cohesive and effortlessly stylish ensemble. It’s Ascot elegance, redefined for modern tastes.

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